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A personalized process for successful investing

Broad diversification by asset class and style, to manage risk and provide the potential for above-average, after tax returns.
Highest degree of personalized service provided in a confidential atmosphere.
A personal investment strategy built around you - your goals, your time frame and your tolerance for market risk.
Access to globally prominent, top performing money managers.
Continuous monitoring of your portfolio by multiple professional organizations.
Detailed account statements and performance reports to keep you informed of the status of your portfolio.

Madonna & Company, LLP offers investment services through its Registered Investment Advisor, Cornerstone Professional Advisor Services, LLC.

We follow a well-defined, time proven process to increase the probability that you will meet your financial objectives.

Achieving financial success is a complex and confusing process to even the most experienced investor - one that requires a significant amount of time, knowledge, and resources. We designed this program for the affluent investor who demands a different approach - one that evaluates their portfolio beyond one-dimensional product strategies and leverages the expertise of highly skilled professional investment managers.

The result is a well-tuned, five-step asset management process designed to respond to your individual needs while also responding to the dynamics of capital markets:

1 Through personal consultations with you, we develop a personal profile of your individual investment needs and objectives, time horizon, and attitude toward investing.

2 We develop a personalized asset allocation policy based on your needs and objectives as identified in Step 1.  This policy maximizes your investment returns relative to your risk tolerance through the carefully diversified allocation of your investments.

3  Your asset allocation policy is implemented by investing in a well-diversified portfolio and is managed by preeminent money management firms, and, in many cases,  firms that are not normally accessible to an individual investor.

4  Your investment portfolio is carefully monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure that it remains consistent with your agreed-upon asset allocation policy. If the relative value of your investments in your portfolio changes enough to become inconsistent with this policy, it is rebalanced.

5  We will communicate with you on a regular basis and provide comprehensive reporting package including account level performance reports and statements providing details of your account - including total asset value and a record of all transactions that occurred during the reporting period.

     • We are committed to providing you with the highest level of personal service over the long-term.
     • Our program is a time-tested strategy designed around your goals and objectives.
     • Through us, you now have access to the disciplined investment process employed by many of America's most successful  
       companies, and access to globally prominent investment money managers to implement your personalized asset allocation

Seek out the best.

Contact us to discuss additional ideas on how we can help you improve upon your investment portfolio.  We look forward to serving your needs in confidence and ensuring your success in this world of investment opportunity.
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